Art by Joseph – An exhibition of colour

It has been a joy to work with local artist Joseph on selecting his images for his upcoming show Art By Joseph. His work which is full of texture and colour has been a great relief from the rain and the clouds gathered outside the office window.

Textured paintings with layers of narrative

Textured paintings with layers of narrative

This will be Joseph’s first exhibition of his art work which he has been honing for the last few years. Although at first glance his paintings may appear without narrative and representation, characters and scenes emerge on further inspection. Joseph is always keen on feedback and has heard many different ideas about what people have seen in his work.

Please do come along and join us for a celebration evening on Thursday 27th February 6-9pm

And before we change over to Joseph’s colourful works there is still an opportunity to view Cat Forward’s exhibition everyday. Her work considers objects that are hugely important and potent to us in our day to day lives.

We are open

Mon – Friday 9-6pm

(exc Thurs) 

everyday – is a good day!

Have you ever sat back an pondered about where the day has gone. What little chunks of activity make up a 24 hour period in your life?

If you could depict your average day what would you choose?

Maybe your walk/bus ride/drive to work, maybe your home made sandwich, maybe your desk.

What objects do you carry with you?

What do they say about you?

What do you want them to say about you?

Painter and occupational therapist Cat Forward has chosen to answer these questions in her exhibition everyday in which she creates portraits of objects relevant to individual lives as well as things that have a cultural cache and significance.

The bright nature of her work makes it all the more appealing at this time of year.
So make your new years resolution one to step back and think about what makes up your projected identity.

Come along to the open evening and meet Cat herself 17th Jan 2014 6-9pm

Cat Forward Flyer.001


everyday at New Space Gallery

Cat Forward Flyer.001


As the year drawers to an end we are desperate to do things out of the ordinary to socialise and pack as much as we can in to the remaining days of the year. However soon enough after we have taken down the tinsel and polished off the last of the left overs we will be back in to the routine, the ‘everday’.

This is the subject of Cat Forward’s exhibition everyday, a celebration of what we fill our lives with and the way in which we measure our time.

Currently we are playing host to the work of photographer Chris Bedwell and his unique view of London until 11th January so please do come and support and possibly buy some of his photographs!

A visual and audio tour

In the above Chris Bedwell photographer and genuinely nice chap talks about his exhibition at the New Space Gallery which is on the theme of London and all its faces.

The exhibition Fractured London will be up until 11th of January so there are still plenty of days to swing by and drop in.

After Chris we have an exhibition of paintings by artist and occupational therapist Cat Forward.

Grandeur and graphics

Thanks to all those who came to celebrate the work of Chris Bedwell on Friday evening.

Chris’ work which slices up London and presents to us recognisable monuments in unrecognisable ways celebrates London in muted and coloured hues.

Take a walk with Chris and discover the capital through fresh eyes.


Exhibition poster

London as a puzzle

London is like one of those jigsaws that you start over the Christmas season. You are full of enthusiasm to begin with, dividing the pieces into some semblance of order before beginning on the fitting and refitting of sections. Alot of the individual pieces can look similar until you try and jam them in next to each other.

When you walk through London each ‘piece’ of this complex puzzle presents a new style of building and a new cultural flavor. This is the energy that photographer Chris Bedwell captures in his engaging collection of photographs entitled Fractured London.
This is to be Chris’ first solo exhibition and we are so pleased to play host to this London centered show.

Come along and help fit the pieces together at the open evening
Friday 29th November 6 – 9pm
Exhibition poster

The French countryside in north London!

Le Trajet 11525_656229281067817_1340698096_n


Photographer Steven Chandler brings his love of the French countryside to the New Space Gallery. Through his emotive images we gain an insight into his long standing relationship with France and his many journeys through it over it and along it.

This selection of images hint at the person behind the camera in a gentle and unobtrusive way which adds flavor to the photographs.

Do come along and have a mini holiday in north London!


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